This site hasn't been updated in a while as we've all been too busy cycling. But we're still out there, feel free to drop us a line. Jonny. 07/03/2013

Who we are

The Dub Wheelers in its present form could best be described as a friendly group of  enthusiastic cyclists who began life in August 2007. We started from members of The Dub Runners. The majority still hold member affiliation to the Dub Runners and saw through cycling,  a definitive means of cross-training, or indeed as a alternative training regime in times of athletic injury.

From humble beginnings our little group has attracted membership which currently totals 18 and growing.  At the outset, for many, cycling experience was minimal and bikes as such were of a standard hybrid variety, but dedication and effort throughout the winter months of 2007/8  proved beneficial and we are now a hardier but still friendly group.

A dedicated few within the group have gone up market in terms of bike quality as epitomised by a certain individual who goes by the moniker of "Carbon Man". This trend is not the norm however.... For more information on bikes see the CTC's What bike section.

Our normal meetings take place in Cutter's Wharf/Boat Club car park every Saturday morning @ 10.30am (weather permitting) - average mileage 30-40.

Newcomers are most welcome to join in for the craic.

We are CTC affiliated.